Electric Motor Feed Crushing Machine

Electric Motor Feed Crushing Machine

● Proken feed crushing machine in grain form; wheat, barley, corn etc. It is a machine which should be used for making high quality concentrate feed.

● Proken feed crushing machine.

● Optionally; electric motors and tractors are manufactured in 2 types, including the tail shaft.

● Crush size on the Proken feed crushing machine; adjustable with sliding roller system.

● Proken feed crushing machine is suitable for ration preparation techniques.

● Machines working on the tractor's tail shaft are connected to the tractor via a three-point suspension system.

. High quality barley crushing, corn crushing, wheat crushing and so on obtained with Proken feed crushing machine. The products are used with confidence to create the best quality concentrate feeds without deteriorating their biological structure.

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Vals Length

  40, 60, 80, 100 cm. maybe
Vals Length   40 cm machine capacity : 1 ton / hour
Vals Length   60 cm machine capacity   : 1,25 ton / hour
Vals Length   80 cm machine capacity   : 2 ton / hour
Vals Length   100 cm machine capacity : 3 ton / hour

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